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Eyelash Extensions – the hottest trend happening now  in the beauty business!    You too can have full, lush lashes and you don’t have to have a celebrity budget.  This trend began in Asia and soon worked  its way west . You are probably starting to see eyelash extension services popping up at your local spa’s and salons.  I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jessica Gonzalez owner of Fabulash, the only EYELASH SALON currently  in the state of Connecticut. She has years of experience with Novalash and is their certified trainer for the Northeast. In the past, your only option for fake lashes came out of a box, were applied with an adhesive and only lasted a day. These new synthetic lashes are applied one lash at a time and can last up to two months.  Monthly fills can keep you looking naturally lush every day of the year.

My top 6 reasons why women  should embrace this trend:

1) Wake up glamorous every day.

2) Your eyes will look brighter and healthier.

3) You eyes natural beauty will be magnified and you will look more youthful.

4) You lashes will look natural, full and luxurious.

5) It is an instant face lift, bringing the attention upward.

6) Save time every morning, its one less step you need  in your morning glam routine!
You also don’t need a celebrity budget to enjoy the beauty benefits that come from you eyelash extensions. Your application at Fabulash, West Hartford, CT is under $200.00.  I am happy to share my recent eyelash extension experience by Jessica of Fabulash. I am hooked, I LOVE THEM !!


I hope you enjoy this weeks Cup of Fashion! I hope you have a bright week filled with new knowledge and excitement in your life.

Your in Style,



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The 82nd annual Academy Awards air this Sunday evening, March 7th. In Hartford, CT., the Academy Awards provide an amazing platform for local socialites and supporters to raise funds for the HIV/AID service providers in Connecticut. People from all across the state gather at Hartford’s DISH restaurant to experience this unique and exciting fashionable fundraiser.

This year I am MOST impressed with CARC’s ability to recognize and celebrate some of our cities own fashion design talent. Oscar evening is an evening in which top designers showcase their creations on stunning celebrities that saunter down the red carpet. On Sunday evening, CARC will recognize the fashion design talent that live among us in our cities and towns. These designers come from our Connecticut fashion design schools, Gibbs College, http://www/gobbscollegenorwalk.edu and NiRo, a school where fashion meets philanthropy (860) 724-6476. NiRo encourages the cities youth to explore their creative spirit through design. This year several designers have come forth and participated in a “PROJECT RUNWAY” type competition for the CARC, Oscar event. The designers have been working on a tight $150 budget and with only 2 weeks to design and create gowns for several of our honored guests. The guests will wear these locally designed gowns on Sunday evening and the designers will be judged on design and creativity. One lucky designer will be chosen as our lucky winner. One lucky bidder will also win a gown designed by our newly crowned top Connecticut Designer. What an exciting tribute to local people, local schooling, local fundraising and local SUPPORT!

In supporting and reaching out to other organizations you build community confidence and trust. I applaud and appreciate community organizations that join forces during a time in which we need to rely on each other more than ever. I am proud to work with organizations that embrace each others strengths and talents and support each other.

Here is a sneak peek of our designers hard at work getting ready for Oscar Night 2010 in Hartford. For more information please check the website http://www.ctaidscoalition.org, tickets are $55, $100 per couple.

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