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We LOVE our leggings for Fall but your denim may need a little attention. You will know if you are in need of a denim do-over if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  1. Do you currently own more than 6 pairs of denim but you keep on wearing the same ones over and over?
  2. Do you currently have just one shade of denim?
  3. Have you pulling from the same stack of denim for more than 3 years?

Denim is a wardrobe staple that you count on season to season so it may be the perfect time to refresh and renew this timeless bottom. Your figure flattering, favorite pair of jeans can be cuffed, worn long and with a variety of different shoes that range from tall boots to flat shoes and everything in between.  Fall fashion means that you can find all different types of denim to suit your shape and your personality. You can easily find boot cut, straight leg, skinny jeans or boyfriend styles that are offered in all shades of blue from a light or bleached wash to a medium or dark wash. So, how do you begin this refresh process? I like to keep it simple because having great style is effortless and easy with the right pieces.

  • Begin by purging the denim you don’t wear and get real about which ones you really LOVE! You should ONLY WEAR THE ONES YOU LOVE! Life is too short, love how you look EVERYDAY, this is the goal.
  • Purchase 3 new pairs of denim that fits and flatters your shape TODAY.  1) a dark boot cut pair 2) a dark straight leg pair 3) a pair of light boyfriend jeans.  My favorites updates come from the GAP, their 1969 denim offers a variety of styles and fit for every shape and its affordable!
  • Create your own mannequin!  Get ideas on how to mix up your denim looks by paying attention to what you admire. Take a look on Pinterest and see what denim outfits inspire you.  Do you like to layer, do you like to dress up with leather pieces and great boots? Do you prefer to mix and match your weekend wear?  Perhaps you can try having fun with a fabulous army color jacket, ivory knit sweater,  great scarf  and brown riding boots?  Well, the point is – your style options are endless!!!


Your true style begins evolving NOW, enjoy creating looks that you love. YOU are the woman you admire!

Yours in style,



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Today, we are going undercover to emphasize the importance of wearing the right undergarments. Tis the season for lightweight fabrics and colors that need the proper pairings in order to look their best on you. If you follow me, you know that my dream as a stylist is that women everywhere get dressed with intention everyday. Looking your best and feeling your best for the magical day that lies ahead, will bring you heightened good energy and abundance. Beginning each day with this heightened level of confidence that you deserve, will greatly enhance the abundance that you draw into your life, an abundance of love, happiness, and opportunities for your beautiful life.


Beating the heat can be beautiful when wearing this wonderful undershirt that will keep you cool and confident this season. If you have every worried about sweating or leaving stains on your pretty blouses, worry no more thanks to Nudy Patooty.




Nadia Cheema © 2013

-Feel fresh and keep your clothes clean all day
-Super soft bamboo fabric regulates your body temperature, is anti-odor and wicks and absorbs moisture away from your body
-Gentle stretch in the fabric smooth’s your figure
-Reinforcement in the underarm prevents perspiration and antiperspirant from staining clothes
-Reduce the frequency and cost of dry cleaning
When it comes to the color of your undergarments this summer keep it nude. This skin tone color is camouflaged under all of your summer wardrobe choices and makes it much easier to get dressed with confidence. Getting dressed with intention is easy and effortless when you start with the right pieces.
Bottoms UP!
Another favorite of mine are the vanishing edge panties found at Soma Intimates.
These panties stay in place, give you the appropriate coverage for your shape and they virtually disappear under your clothing. Say goodbye to VPL (visible panty lines) forever.
Wearing the right undergarments sets the foundation for your clothing. Good undergarments make your clothes look even better on you. Getting dressed with purpose and intention is easy when you purge what isn’t working and you bring in the pieces that serve you best.
Dress for every moment because every moment matters in your beautiful life.
Yours in style,


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Summer is a season that everyone loves. This is the season of warmth, extended sunshine, and happiness. It’s also a time when your style can go horribly wrong or beautifully right. You need options and there are plenty of new and exciting styles, shapes and products to keep you cool and your look HOT!  I found great pieces that are easy to wear, easy to pack and will give you instant fashion and style. This summer, be that girl that everyone is drawn to because you have it all going on. You make looking good, look easy.

The Caftan


This one piece, draped gown feels as comfortable as loungewear and has a very luxurious look. You feel instantly glamorous when you drape one of these pieces over your body. I love it’s versatility wear it poolside as a beach cover up or out to dinner for an evening out on the town. Heads will turn when you arrive in one of these effortless summer dresses.




The Legacy Skirted Legging


This brilliant, one-piece fashion combination is an instant boost of confidence, covering you in all the right places! It looks great with a t-shirt or tank for a casual walk with the dog, or yoga class. I love its versatility because it can also be styled differently throughout your day for all of your activities. Pair it with a blouse, dress up your tee with a scarf, and denim jacket or wear it with a blazer to give it a chic, European flair. You are that woman who is appropriately dressed for your life but takes it up a notch without even trying. Choose the right pieces and show your friends how easy it can be to look fabulous EVERY SINGLE DAY.


The Romper


The romper has returned from the eighties. I remember wearing these in terrycloth as a kid! Today, they are modern and fun but you definitely do not need to spend a lot of money on a piece that may just be here for a season.  Check out FandF Clothing, a British store bringing us their fabulous and on trend looks at affordable prices. The first two stores in Holyoke, Massachusetts and Trumbull, CT with many, more stores to come.

As a stylist who has dressed women for almost 3 decades, I believe that women deserve to look and feel their best everyday and it’s easier than you think. I want you to enhance your look because it will enhance your life!

Dress for every moment because every moment matters.

At your service,

Debbie Wright











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Houndstooth, it’s classic, it’s regal and you will find it on everything from frocks to footwear this season.   Patterns add an instant POP to your outfit and this one communicates class and sophistication.  My favorite spot to find great houndstooth for this season is Nordstrom.  I absolutely love these houndstooth pumps, they are on my must have list.   Wear them with a purple shift dress to add interest.  This black and white classic goes with more than just a black pencil skirt, have FUN with some skinny black jeans and a red, one shoulder top.  These shoes should be worn out by the end of this season with their endless possibilities.

Try on a houndstooth topper for this season, it will enhance your dark jeans as easily as it moves into your office.

Other fabulous finds – love these houndstooth tights !!!!

Bag – Anthropologie.

You can also hunt for vintage houndstooth pieces at consignment or thrift stores. Look for great jackets and blouses.  A tailor is your best friend in reinventing items and making what was once old, new again.  It is a great way to find some new favorite pieces that are unique from anyone else.

Love this classic found on Etsy, $30.00, perfect with a pencil skirt or a pair of high waisted black pants.

Be sure you get CHECKED out this season, I hope Ive inspired you to begin your hunt for the hound.

Yours in Style,

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I HAVE FOUND the ultimate SUMMER DRESS this season. It can be worn as a skirt with a cute tee shirt, as an easy daytime dress with flip flops or as a sexy evening dress with heels ! WOW !

This easy silhouette, light, comfortable and easy to work with comes in three fantastic, summer colors. It has quickly moved up to a MUST – HAVE summer dress for the season. I was MOST AMAZED that the different styles are VERY easy to create and the fabric was nice. I found this dress at a wonderful boutique in Avon, CT called Bodytalk.(860) 678-7855.

Its by Elan and you can wear it to the beach and out to dinner! In this economy you cant go wrong with this price tag of under $40.00. I love to share this special finds with you. ENJOY and we will talk soon with more unique and flattering summer fashion finds.


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The Maxi Dress –

Here are the top 5 reasons to own this seasons throwback trend that has been revived.

1) It’s current, happening and stylish.
2) It’s comfortable – and easy to wear.
3) It transitions easily from day into night.
4) It’s easy to pack for vacation.
5) It’s a flattering style on most body types.

My recommendations when searching for your great maxi dress (or multiple) dresses. Look for a more neutral or quiet print. Stay with a dress that hits to the ankle for daytime and dont be afraid to layer it with a colored tank. I HIGHLY recommend a flip flop or simple flat sandal during the day.

In the evening, take that same dress, layer with a cardigan and jewelry and for shoes wear a pretty wedge heel. You can also layer the dress with a nice lightweight scarf and chunky bracelet.

If you are attracted to a bolder printed maxi, be careful that the print isnt too abstract. This could take away from the dress itself.

Where to find the best maxi: many of your local boutiques carry this trend as do stores like Target and Nordstrom. My favorite website is http://www.shopstyle.com. They have an amazing assortment of these dresses.

Watch this trend video that aired on BETTER CT featuring the MAXI !

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