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Have you ever walked into a space or a room and felt immediately at peace when you love what you see?  Our human bodies respond instantly to the energy around us through emotion and feeling. Recently, I had a wonderful conversation with one of my styling clients about energy, flow and the power of organization in the home, a.k.a Feng Shui. It inspired me to reflect and I noticed how much clutter we tend to accumulate, even when we think we are organized and neat. Every space in your home should be clear of clutter and confusion. Every Friday I am going to help you focus on bringing Feng Shui into every space in your home helping you to maximize the abundance that is coming your way. Let it flow!!!!!

Let’s begin, as any good stylist would, in your closet. Feng Shui, is the Chinese art of organizing your space to reduce or remove bad luck and maximize good fortune. Your closet, like the rest of your house, should be clean, clear of clutter and exuding warmth. In other words, what you need is a Feng Shui makeover. Following are ways in which you can organize your closet the Feng Shui way:


Let’s keep it simple……….

  • Pull everything out of your closet – clean and wipe down and give your closet a fresh coat of paint if necessary.
  • Look into some type of organization system. Incorporate decorative boxes and storage pieces and look into closet organizing systems sold at stores or inquire with local closet experts. This will maximize your organization and make your closet appealing to the eye.
  • Use all the same hangers
  • Organize your clothing by category – long sleeve blouses – short sleeve- pants – skirts – blazers – dresses, next in each category organize by color – light to dark.
  • Clear anything you haven’t worn in a year and pieces you do NOT LOVE! You are on your way to building a closet full of clothes you that absolutely make you feel fabulous.
  • Donate and/or Consign the pieces that no longer serve you, they will serve someone else.
  • If you have any feeling of “guilt” around an item of clothing for example, this feeling may be based on how much you spent on it at one time. This is not a positive, productive emotion and the past is gone, the future is now and the power is in the present, remove these items to free up room for more goodness.

You are on your way to maximizing the greatness that your life has in store for you.

Happy Feng Shui Friday, looking forward to following up with you soon.

Yours in style,



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I LOVE when I discover tried and true home remedies that cure some of those stubborn cleaning issues we all face. Here is one that I found in this months First Magazine and MSN Money.

Beauty and Skincare Tips:

Insect bite treatment. Make a paste with powdered milk and water (try equal parts powdered milk and water) and a dash of salt. It will take care of the irritants in the bites and bring relief from the itchiness.

Sunburn relief. A little milk applied to sunburn will soothe your skin and make you feel less toasty for a while. For ease of application, you can use the paste recipe above for insect bites.

Skin moisturizer. For a dry skin remedy, rub some cold milk on your skin and allow it to absorb the nutrients. Be sure to rinse off afterward though, or you may smell a little sour by the following morning.

Makeup remover. Shake up some powdered milk and warm water until it has a creamy consistency. Apply with a facecloth or cotton ball, then wipe it off and rinse well with water.

Face mask. For a home spa facial, use water and powdered milk to make a thick paste and spread it on your face. Relax for 20 minutes until it dries, then rinse thoroughly. It will both clean and moisturize your face wonderfully. Not to mention the fact that you just sat and did nothing for 20 minutes. The relaxation aspect of facials is not to be underestimated.

Milk bath. Add some powdered milk to your bath and have a nice soak. An ancient technique that is still used in some parts of the world, it is wonderful for moisturizing the skin, and quite a luxurious treat.


Polish silver. Sour your milk by adding some lemon or vinegar. Then soak your silver in the mixture for about half an hour, wash the silver with soapy water, buff it up and watch it shine.

Spiff up your patent leather. The last pair of patent leather shoes I owned go a while back now, but if you’ve got ’em, now you can clean ’em. Rub a thin layer of milk on them, let it dry, and then polish until they gleam again.


Enjoy these helpful hints !

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