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We LOVE our leggings for Fall but your denim may need a little attention. You will know if you are in need of a denim do-over if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  1. Do you currently own more than 6 pairs of denim but you keep on wearing the same ones over and over?
  2. Do you currently have just one shade of denim?
  3. Have you pulling from the same stack of denim for more than 3 years?

Denim is a wardrobe staple that you count on season to season so it may be the perfect time to refresh and renew this timeless bottom. Your figure flattering, favorite pair of jeans can be cuffed, worn long and with a variety of different shoes that range from tall boots to flat shoes and everything in between.  Fall fashion means that you can find all different types of denim to suit your shape and your personality. You can easily find boot cut, straight leg, skinny jeans or boyfriend styles that are offered in all shades of blue from a light or bleached wash to a medium or dark wash. So, how do you begin this refresh process? I like to keep it simple because having great style is effortless and easy with the right pieces.

  • Begin by purging the denim you don’t wear and get real about which ones you really LOVE! You should ONLY WEAR THE ONES YOU LOVE! Life is too short, love how you look EVERYDAY, this is the goal.
  • Purchase 3 new pairs of denim that fits and flatters your shape TODAY.  1) a dark boot cut pair 2) a dark straight leg pair 3) a pair of light boyfriend jeans.  My favorites updates come from the GAP, their 1969 denim offers a variety of styles and fit for every shape and its affordable!
  • Create your own mannequin!  Get ideas on how to mix up your denim looks by paying attention to what you admire. Take a look on Pinterest and see what denim outfits inspire you.  Do you like to layer, do you like to dress up with leather pieces and great boots? Do you prefer to mix and match your weekend wear?  Perhaps you can try having fun with a fabulous army color jacket, ivory knit sweater,  great scarf  and brown riding boots?  Well, the point is – your style options are endless!!!


Your true style begins evolving NOW, enjoy creating looks that you love. YOU are the woman you admire!

Yours in style,



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When we clean and purge our closets, I recommend that my clients donate or consign many of the items they no longer wear. In many cases older denim jeans and sneakers are simply too worn to fall in either of those categories. I found a few GREAT WAYS to RECYCLE these items. It IMPORTANT to do as much as we can to save the environment.

Here are a few tips on how to recycle them:

  • The back pocket of the jean can be cut (the entire section) and then sewn on the front of a pillow. This is easy to do and creates a fun pocket perfect for the tooth fairy or little love notes.
  • If you use cloth diapers, denim is a nice thick diaper cover.
  • Cut off the old pockets and sew them onto reusable grocery bags. They become nice holders for small items while you shop.
  • Strips of denim can be cut and tied around a bottle of wine or to make decorative ornaments.

Here are a few tips to recycle them:

  • Check out Nike’s REUSE A SHOE – a program that after use recycles EVERY part of the sneaker to make playground materials.
  • Donate your old Kenneth Cole shoes and receive a 20% discount.
  • If the laces are in good condition – wash them and keep them as spares.
  • Other great shoe recycling websites – souls4souls and recycled runners.

ENJOY ! I hope you learned a few valuable tips!

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