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The culottes’ trend was named one the top trends for Spring this year and there are clear fashion rules when it comes to rocking this new crop pant look.  I love this look for the office as well as for a daytime or evening event.  It’s  a refreshing modern option to update your trousers for the Spring and Summer seasons.

  • ALWAYS wear with a heel, stiletto or a feminine wedge. Keep your shoes slim with clean lines and as high as you can comfortably go in order to balance the width of the leg.  All shoes found on Zara.com.


  • Always wear a more structured, polished and fitted top.  Proper balance and proportion are key in pulling together a rocking, runway look for everyday. Monochromatic is an easy always stunning option as well as contrasting black and white for more dramatic appeal.  If your chosen culotte style is a bit more narrow than wide, you can go with a slightly looser sweater or blouse. Balance is key!

ownow.com found on pinterest


glamradar.com found on pinterest


lovely-pepa.com found on pinterest

Have fun trying this trend and you can always try it affordably at QVC.com. QVC host Gabrielle Kerr gave them a try and the viewers gave this trend a thumbs UP!


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It’s been quite some time since my last blog and it feels great to be back! I really enjoy connecting with you, sharing stories, tips and information to help you dress for every moment because every moment matters.  You deserve to look and feel your best every single day and in order to do this you need a closet of clothes that flatter your shape and your life at this moment.   You need pieces you can count on, to grab and go, pieces that are stylish and comfortable. Today’s fashion is defined by what looks good on you and what gives you, that boost of confidence.  I am always reminding women that you can feel great wearing your clothes everyday, not just on special occasions.  I believe having great style is about making the connection with who you are on the inside so that you can approach each beautiful day, happier and with higher confidence.  It only feels appropriate to re-launch my blog with some great tips on how to get control of your closet and to highlight some great new pieces that fit you and your life perfectly!

Here are a few tips on how to build a closet full of clothes you love.


  1. Spring closet cleanse – clean the clutter and free up space to make room for the new you, the new pieces that accentuate the positive features of your shape and that enhance your eye color and skin tone. This year, approach your closet with an honest and open heart. Evaluate each piece and ask yourself, how do I feel when I wear this item?  Feeling the positive emotions from your clothing evokes positive feelings while wearing the garment. If you feel good, you look good and your day is bright. Connect with how your clothes make you feel and purge the items that don’t fit this good vibe. Get rid of the items that no longer serve you and donate or consign them, they may be a better fit for someone else.
  2.  Begin to replace your clothes with new items that you LOVE! When I say LOVE, I mean be choosy, make the choices that flatter your shape and fit your life.  By eliminating impulse purchases you avoid clutter, confusion and self-doubt and you can truly begin wearing daily outfits that you LOVE while staying focused on the goals for your wardrobe.   It is easier than you think to build a closet full of clothes you really enjoy wearing and it’s ok for it to take some time, your worth it.
  3. Look in the mirror and smile, rule #3 is one of the most important steps in this process of re-building your closet with you in mind. Smiling at your reflection may take some practice, smile and give yourself a compliment, it’s much more powerful than looking in the mirror focusing on your flaws. You are perfectly imperfect.  If you begin transitioning your mindset away from a negative, self-defeating mind into a complimentary, beautiful and healthy perspective a wonderful shift in your life will occur. I have seen this happen time and time again, be kind to yourself and great things will come. Those pesky five pounds will finally come off, you will begin making healthier and more beautiful choices for your life, because it all begins with self-respect and admiration for your unique being.
  4. Shop EVERYWHERE, don’t limit yourself by becoming a shopper of sameness. Open your closet doors and your mind to finding pieces you love on-line, at consignment and thrift stores as well as your favorite department store.


Here are a few of my favorite shopping sites.

http://www.qvc.com/ – for great values and unique pieces – check out the Legacy brands!

http://www.shopstyle.com/- shop by category – dresses-shoes etc.

http://www.ebay.com/- for your designer favorites.


Have a beautiful weekend!


Yours in style,

Debbie Wright















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I hope this week’s Cup of Fashion finds you all safe and doing well after Hurricane Irene.  Time to look ahead at a great week to come, with sunshine and support for those neighbors who may need our help.   For many of us,  the kids return to school and the feeling of a starting fresh, fills us all. I don’t think we ever quite lose that feeling that we had as children heading back to school in the Fall, it is a magical time of year.  You may be wondering what these fall fashion tips have to do with home decor, well, the two topics are interrelated on so many levels. To start, when our homes are clean, organized and look presentable, we feel happier, our mood is improved  and we feel in control! The same emotions are felt when our wardrobes are organized, updated and we have a style for the season that flatters us and makes us feel confident.  All is good in our world if the two are connected and in sync.

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and knowing an INCREDIBLE woman, whose gift in decorating and pulling looks together for your home is special.  She creates stories with home decor pieces that reflect the feeling in your home and your family. The positive energy that is created with her touch, makes you smile and instantly feel good.  Her name is Laura Smigel, Owner of The Bleu Willow. You can hire Laura to come into your home for a few fall fashion updates like decorating your mantle, tabletop, entryway etc, to give your home a fall look that feels and looks great. It is what I call, an affordable luxury.

Laura and I have a few tips for you to infuse some fall fashion updates into your home and your closet.


Find new  items or colors that complement your home and your closet.  By adding a few signature things that YOU LOVE , you will be able to re-invent a look for your room or several looks for your wardrobe. Mix n Match instead of overspending. Shopping for vintage pieces will  add personality and uniqueness to your home and wardrobe. Infuse the unexpected into both areas of you life.


Love this one. Find looks that you like in magazines and duplicate them. If you find a look you love, use it as a roadmap to create  the same look for you. Be sure that when admiring movie star fashions that you focus on a person of similar age and body type.  Look at home decor magazine and pictures that speak to you and would fit into your home.


Stop wasting time and money. Only purchase pieces you LOVE.  If you pause before you purchase, and ask yourself:  DO I LOVE IT? WHERE WILL I PUT IT?  HOW WILL I WEAR IT?  If  the answers are perfectly clear, than move forward.  ( I may actually save you some money with this one, I HOPE I DO.)

4) REFER TO YOUR RESOURCES. It does take a village and with today’s social tools and access,  we can reach experts in all areas.  Email us and we can help you with our affordable services to get the looks you LOVE!

Here are a few recent photo’s of clients I took shopping and we found some great vintage finds to add into their wardrobe, cost under $20.00! STOP IT. Fashion is FUN AND EXCITING!

Take a Look at some of Laura’s treasures – make sure to call if you are interested in any items you see.Find her on Facebook or on http://www.thebleuwillow.com, or 860.264.1556

Yours in Style,


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It’s a brand new year, a year of new beginnings, a fresh start, a clean plate.   If you’re like me you  love this time to refocus your thinking and to begin approaching life in the most positive way.  By now, you have all heard these words many times and many of you hear the words but don’t put the words to action. This is the month to commit to taking action for YOU!   My experiences continue to show me every single day the true power that comes from a having a positive self-image.  A great practice every day is to look into your bathroom mirror and begin to see and acknowledge  all of the good first!  For example, complement your beautiful eyes, your long neck, your perfect nose, your great shoulders (btw,  every body type looks good in clothing that reveals a little shoulder).  I know that many of you begin the new year with goals to get in shape to be healthier and to ultimately look and feel better, as do I.  Begin to experience the power that you will release instantly when you begin to see your beautiful reflection.  You will reach goals beyond your wildest imagination and you will enjoy the rewards of your choices every step of the way.  Here are a few of my style tips that will instantly help you to feel thinner and better about yourself TODAY.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY.

I have 5 ways to Style Yourself Skinny that will help you to begin looking at  yourself differently and positively TODAY!  What a powerful way to tackle each new opportunity to work towards your goals for 2011.

Tip # 1. Look at the LINES! The lines in a top can draw the eye in and create the illusion of a small waistline – even if we have eaten too many holiday cookies.

It all about drawing the eye in at the waist even if you tend to carry some extra weight in the middle. The lines in a garment can make you look like you have just lost 10 lbs while keeping you comfortable, confident and looking slim.   If you have a long torso and a small waist BELT IT – the belt should hit right under the ribcage paired with a fitted top and you will look like a runway model.

This Diane von Furstenburg top found on http://www.shopstyle.com is a great choice! It’s an A-line shape and the lines will work their magic.

Tip #2  Wear smooth undergarments – the way your dressed under your clothes does more for your look that the outside layer.  A nude bra and smooth panties,  set the foundation for looking smooth and skinny in your clothing choices on a daily basis.   My favorite undergarments are from Soma Intimates – their  vanishing lines technology eliminates any visible panty lines of the past, they are amazing! http://www.soma.com.

Tip #3 Wear black opaque tights with black platform pumps or black shoe booties. This emphasizes the leg beautifully and makes any leg look long and lean. My favorite, the SPANX opaque tights. They sell a reversible pair that offers 2 for 1, one side is black and one side is brown.  There are also other color combinations available.   I LIVE in these tights all winter long – they are comfortable and the wear like iron. They wash and wear beautifully, you will love the way your look wearing these tights.

Tip #4 Wear the right style hat for your body shape. It is TRUE, looking your best is all about balance and proportion and this applies to hat styles as well. Hats add a flair of style to any outfit. Select a hat that compliments your skin tone then choose your outfit based off of the hat choice.  Full figured women need to choose a hat with a wide brim to balance their frame while a petite frame should wear a hat that is smaller in shape and more delicate.  Your face shape should be considered when choosing the best style hat for you.  For example, a round face looks best in a hat with a wide brim while a wider face looks best with a more round style of hat like a beret.

Tip #5 Last but certainly not least think about your posture. Having good posture can instantly enhance your figure and by standing taller with your shoulders back – your frame will appear leaner.

At last – I always like to leave you with a great quote!   Now, go be beautiful and enjoy the day.

“It is not enough to take steps which may some day lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yours in style,

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There are so many reasons to get inspired each season to wear beautiful outfits and to look YOUR BEST! A new season can provide a good reason to get healthier and to get dressed like you MEAN it, EVERY DAY! Many recently tuned it to watch the Oscars but fashionistas are most interested in the designer clothing being worn by amazing celebrities. What I admire most is the ability for the designers to dial into the personal style and shape of each of the celebrity models. It is said that a women of great style knows what looks good on her and works it like nobody’s business. Wearing clothing and accessories that complement your body, your personality and your lifestyle will guarantee you a feeling of CONFIDENCE!

As a fashion stylist (who dreams every night about being the Rachel Zoe of CT and MA.) I can NOT help but be completely obsessed with Rachel Zoe and the incredible business that she has built branding herself. She exudes the Hollywood glam culture with her love of Chanel and Lagerfeld. Check out some of her stunning accessory items on http://www.qvc.com.

Other big designers are also hitting the bullseye with their affordable collections that are now available at
TARGET STORES. Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier both have collections in stores now. I LOVE the dresses, the trench coats, the collections are a must see.

GREAT DESIGNER DUDS at a fraction of their designer prices. I hope these tips help you to expand your closet full of clothes that you LOVE this season.

All of my best
Your Confidence Building Stylist,

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As a professional, I help women de-clutter and clean a very sacred space in their home, their CLOSET.  What I find most interesting is the emotional attachment to clothing.  Now, I love and appreciate clothing as much as the next woman but there comes a point where it can all become too much and too stressful.  You know the feeling, when you truly can’t make a quick “what to wear” decision anymore.  I loved reading this months O magazine that shows even OPRAH finds it necessary to purge and clean.  It is truly a stress relieving activity.   You know that feeling, even when you organize the junk drawer in the kitchen, it feels so good to re-gain that sense of order. 

Whenever possible I welcome the opportunity to share my message of  celebrating who you are TODAY, your current body and lifestyle. Everyone deserves to look their personal best beginning NOW. You begin this process by eliminating the excess in your closet. Getting dressed every morning should be fun and exciting, it sets the tone of energy for the day.  This months cover of Oprah isn’t a new message but a gentle reminder.  Do yourself a favor, take the time to re-gain control.  Your closet is a wonderful space to begin this self-fulfilling task.  When you start  to clean your closet,  begin with getting rid of the obvious, you know those items that you HAVEN’T worn in a year or more. Please note, that it IS OK TO LET THEM GO, REGARDLESS of a memory or how much you once paid.  Donate these items and allow someone else to enjoy their beauty and to create their own memories. What a wonderful and generous gesture, suddenly letting go, doesn’t seem so difficult.  Once the first phase of elimination is complete you can begin truly looking at the rest of the items in your closet. Ask yourself, how do I feel when I wear these clothes? Do I feel confident, does this shirt, or jacket, or pair of pants flatter my shape right NOW?  If you answer no, eliminate it, donate it, send it to the tailor for alteration or discard altogether, depending on how it looks.  This process will show you how to begin building a closet full of clothes you LOVE.  Once you begin consciously becoming aware of your positive features, you will be taking the first step towards building a higher level of self-esteem and self-respect.  Before you know it, other good habits start to become a reality, you begin making better food choices and you may even begin exercising. You start LOVING your look and it only gets better from here!


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