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Oprah has stated in her bra revolution series that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. In my own personal styling experiences, I would confidently state that every single woman I have dressed over a span of 20 years has been wearing the wrong bra size. Why do women wear the wrong bra? Your bra becomes that piece that you put on with an autopilot motion and it  stays in your drawer for years without a thought of updating. Young and old, slim or curvy, every single woman needs to go for a professional fitting every six months to ensure that you are wearing the right size and that you have proper coverage. Why do you need a new bra? It is one of  the most important foundation pieces to your wardrobe and you will instantly look better in your clothing. I have seen tears shed once women experience a proper fitting bra, it is life altering in the best way. There are few areas of your wardrobe that you really need to invest and undergarments should be where your start.


Where to begin. I recommend heading to Nordstrom or to Soma Intimates where the experts can measure and direct you to the right brand for your body. Begin building your bra wardrobe with a wear with everything nude, seamless bra that looks best under a simple white tee and beyond. Next, I would add a smooth, seamless black and then have some fun with something sexy and textured for those fun, evening outfits.

Next on your list is a body smoother, a must have for under all skirts and dresses. It will smooth and shape your belly and thighs giving you an instant boost of confidence. My favorites come from Assets, made by Spanx and found at Target, I recommend one in nude for under your lighter fabrics and one black for your darker bottoms. You will find a new found confidence when you smooth out your bottom half!


Begin your day putting on the best undergarments and I promise you will love your look.

Yours in style,


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I have it at last……………a pant that FITS a WOMANS BODY……..made to FLATTER ALL BODY TYPES specifically designed for the woman who is 30+ who wants to look and feel THINNER IMMEDIATELY after putting them on her body. THIS AMAZING PANT LINE IS BY ECRU.  Here are a few reasons why YOU MUST BUY THIS PANT – I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL LOVE IT ~

The pant was styled to flatter a REAL WOMANS FIGURE. There are 5 styles to compliment EVERY BODY shape.  One high rise style, side zip, boot cut leg, two mid-rise styles, wide waist band, boot cut and slim leg and two- low rise styles. There is something for everyone. Each style is also available in four colors, all of the neutrals. Black, Charcoal, Rye and Espresso.

The fabric coupled with design makes you want to LIVE in these pants – and YOU WILL.

The Double Stretch fabric is exclusive to ECRU.

* 4 way stretch allows excellent fit and shape retention (remember machine washable – shape retention is critical after washing)

*Great color saturation for a rich finish

*EXCELLENT TRAVEL FABRIC – wrinkle resistant and packable.

*Versatile – year AROUND……never leaves the closet.

*Stretch in the waistband for extra comfort and give.

Please feel free to email me with ANY questions. debbie@projectcloset.com.

YOU DESERVE TO WEAR THIS PANT – allow yourself to feel thinner and more confident.



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