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The culottes’ trend was named one the top trends for Spring this year and there are clear fashion rules when it comes to rocking this new crop pant look.  I love this look for the office as well as for a daytime or evening event.  It’s  a refreshing modern option to update your trousers for the Spring and Summer seasons.

  • ALWAYS wear with a heel, stiletto or a feminine wedge. Keep your shoes slim with clean lines and as high as you can comfortably go in order to balance the width of the leg.  All shoes found on Zara.com.


  • Always wear a more structured, polished and fitted top.  Proper balance and proportion are key in pulling together a rocking, runway look for everyday. Monochromatic is an easy always stunning option as well as contrasting black and white for more dramatic appeal.  If your chosen culotte style is a bit more narrow than wide, you can go with a slightly looser sweater or blouse. Balance is key!

ownow.com found on pinterest


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lovely-pepa.com found on pinterest

Have fun trying this trend and you can always try it affordably at QVC.com. QVC host Gabrielle Kerr gave them a try and the viewers gave this trend a thumbs UP!


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Oprah has stated in her bra revolution series that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. In my own personal styling experiences, I would confidently state that every single woman I have dressed over a span of 20 years has been wearing the wrong bra size. Why do women wear the wrong bra? Your bra becomes that piece that you put on with an autopilot motion and it  stays in your drawer for years without a thought of updating. Young and old, slim or curvy, every single woman needs to go for a professional fitting every six months to ensure that you are wearing the right size and that you have proper coverage. Why do you need a new bra? It is one of  the most important foundation pieces to your wardrobe and you will instantly look better in your clothing. I have seen tears shed once women experience a proper fitting bra, it is life altering in the best way. There are few areas of your wardrobe that you really need to invest and undergarments should be where your start.


Where to begin. I recommend heading to Nordstrom or to Soma Intimates where the experts can measure and direct you to the right brand for your body. Begin building your bra wardrobe with a wear with everything nude, seamless bra that looks best under a simple white tee and beyond. Next, I would add a smooth, seamless black and then have some fun with something sexy and textured for those fun, evening outfits.

Next on your list is a body smoother, a must have for under all skirts and dresses. It will smooth and shape your belly and thighs giving you an instant boost of confidence. My favorites come from Assets, made by Spanx and found at Target, I recommend one in nude for under your lighter fabrics and one black for your darker bottoms. You will find a new found confidence when you smooth out your bottom half!


Begin your day putting on the best undergarments and I promise you will love your look.

Yours in style,

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It was a beautiful sunny and stylish morning last Saturday, at Gillette Stadium where we met celebrity stylist for the NFL, Phillip Bloch.  It was an event to showcase the latest trends in ladies NFL apparel.  Ladies NFL apparel has certainly come a long way, it’s not about wearing your husbands hoodie on game day or any day, any longer. It’s a trend called athleisure that has taken the runways by storm and the NFL is all over it! Today’s woman wants comfort and style and if your love your sports, you are going to love all of the choices available for your favorite team.


Phillip reviewed the top trends behind the fashions found at the NFL shop. Feminine skirts, leathers and mixed media jackets all look great paired with a great color block t-shirt or fitted sweatshirt. Your personal style, your brand, it’s all about incorporating your favorite pieces into outfits that you LOVE to wear. The sporty look is sleek, minimal and even luxurious. It was great to see many of the NFL women pairing the newest tees with current pieces that showed off their personal styles.


I love the new sweater styles, sleek not bulky, so cute and you can wear it well beyond just game day!


This may be a stretch for your office environment but I love the play on sporty can be feminine too. It’s self expression and self confidence that keeps you connected and in sync with your style and your soul.

Dress for every moment, because every moment matters!  GAME ON!

Yours in style,


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I hope this week’s Cup of Fashion finds you all safe and doing well after Hurricane Irene.  Time to look ahead at a great week to come, with sunshine and support for those neighbors who may need our help.   For many of us,  the kids return to school and the feeling of a starting fresh, fills us all. I don’t think we ever quite lose that feeling that we had as children heading back to school in the Fall, it is a magical time of year.  You may be wondering what these fall fashion tips have to do with home decor, well, the two topics are interrelated on so many levels. To start, when our homes are clean, organized and look presentable, we feel happier, our mood is improved  and we feel in control! The same emotions are felt when our wardrobes are organized, updated and we have a style for the season that flatters us and makes us feel confident.  All is good in our world if the two are connected and in sync.

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting and knowing an INCREDIBLE woman, whose gift in decorating and pulling looks together for your home is special.  She creates stories with home decor pieces that reflect the feeling in your home and your family. The positive energy that is created with her touch, makes you smile and instantly feel good.  Her name is Laura Smigel, Owner of The Bleu Willow. You can hire Laura to come into your home for a few fall fashion updates like decorating your mantle, tabletop, entryway etc, to give your home a fall look that feels and looks great. It is what I call, an affordable luxury.

Laura and I have a few tips for you to infuse some fall fashion updates into your home and your closet.


Find new  items or colors that complement your home and your closet.  By adding a few signature things that YOU LOVE , you will be able to re-invent a look for your room or several looks for your wardrobe. Mix n Match instead of overspending. Shopping for vintage pieces will  add personality and uniqueness to your home and wardrobe. Infuse the unexpected into both areas of you life.


Love this one. Find looks that you like in magazines and duplicate them. If you find a look you love, use it as a roadmap to create  the same look for you. Be sure that when admiring movie star fashions that you focus on a person of similar age and body type.  Look at home decor magazine and pictures that speak to you and would fit into your home.


Stop wasting time and money. Only purchase pieces you LOVE.  If you pause before you purchase, and ask yourself:  DO I LOVE IT? WHERE WILL I PUT IT?  HOW WILL I WEAR IT?  If  the answers are perfectly clear, than move forward.  ( I may actually save you some money with this one, I HOPE I DO.)

4) REFER TO YOUR RESOURCES. It does take a village and with today’s social tools and access,  we can reach experts in all areas.  Email us and we can help you with our affordable services to get the looks you LOVE!

Here are a few recent photo’s of clients I took shopping and we found some great vintage finds to add into their wardrobe, cost under $20.00! STOP IT. Fashion is FUN AND EXCITING!

Take a Look at some of Laura’s treasures – make sure to call if you are interested in any items you see.Find her on Facebook or on http://www.thebleuwillow.com, or 860.264.1556

Yours in Style,


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Ah, Springtime a season for bright sunshine, warm weather and easy dressing.  I realize that some women may not feel instantly at “ease” when dressing for Spring. It often means less layering and more exposure.   I want to make sure you feel as confident in your clothing for Spring and you do for Fall.   This Spring add a few dresses and skirts into your wardrobe. They work for all lifestyles, they are easy, comfortable and figure flattering. The key to looking and feeling most confident is having the right undergarments.   The best invention EVER was the Power Panty by Spanx and also by Assets (a Spanx company).  You can find them online at http://www.Spanx.com  FREE SHIPPING with no minimums!  You can also find Assets at stores like Target. These power panties remind me of  the spandex bike shorts of the 80’s, that yes, many of us worked OUT IN! UGH,  what a ridiculous memory!   These panties are very comfortable and give you a smooth look and the control you want under dresses and skirts.  They work for all body shapes and give you the boost and protection you need.  I promise ladies, they WORK and you should own one in black and one in nude.  The black to wear under your darker colors and nude for whites and your neutrals.  They also last FOREVER!  I have owned mine now for a couple of years and they are still in great condition and they give me the look I want.   Now, go be beautiful and wear some great dresses and skirts this Spring.


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Ahh, the beach, a beautiful and tranquil place that offers warmth, relaxation and fun times for all.  A dream day for many of us is  sitting on the beach on a comfortable chair with great friends, good books and nothing else to do but to soak up some wonderful vitamin D. This dream beach day may all too often be overshadowed with riding waves and building sand castles with our kids  (also fun, just much less relaxing).  Beach season is here and  the desire to feel beautiful at the beach emerges, can’t we all just look like the Kardashians, the epitome of beach beauties?  YOU  CAN feel confident at the beach in the right suit, so where does  one to shop for this  perfect suit?  Friends, I need to tell you about Gottex – an amazing suit that offers sleek, slim and flattering styles that will make you look like an E celebrity in your own right on the beach.  The colors and styles are incredible and the Gottex lycra  is incredibly durable. If you care for  your suit properly it will be an investment that will last for many seasons to come.  I love the assortment of Gottex found at Everything But Water. I heart the swimwear that designers have exclusively made for this store. The suits are designed to fit and flatter a “real womans” figure.  The Gottex is designed to give every body a sleek and comfortable fit with its high percentage of  lycra.  This season you will also find incredible beach cover ups that also double as stylish tunics. The tunic cover ups are so versatile, layer them with a tank and wear them with skinny jeans and/or white pants for evening.


We have heard for decades that swimwear and jeans are  the most dreaded items for women to find and to love.  The GREAT news is that once you find a pair of  jeans and a swimsuit you LOVE you will wear them forever until they are completely worn.  The designers of today are offering incredible styles and  fabrics that fit the body without looking tight and this  gives a women confidence in her clothing.  It’s a whole new world for us with many options of figure flattering styles – it shouldn’t be painful any longer.  I am committed to help YOU find the right styles and the right fit so that YOU feel YOUR BEST EVERY DAY (even at the beach), YOU DESERVE IT!

Yours in style,


Found at Everything But Water

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