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Frame your face this summer with a great pair of shades, it is your #1 summer accessory. Great glasses  protect your face from the sun and they give you an instant style boost. Having great summer style  is easier thank you think, so lets start with your face first.   My favorite place to find the latest trends in eyewear paired with the highest quality of service for over 100 years:  http://www.harveyandlewis.com.  If you are interested in a complimentary SPECS APPEAL style session, email me at debbie@projectcloset.com. I’ll make sure you find the right frames for you in partnership with Harvey and Lewis Opticians.

The top three trends this season:  

Retro Chic (Mad Men Style), Inspired by the 50’s and 60’s, these frames are as classy as they are sassy.  They communicate that you are stylish, modern and appreciate vintage styles.

Prada Spring Collection 2011

Glamour (always in style) – A pair of glamour glasses is a must-have item in every wardrobe. They are a timeless, classic. They communicate that you are sophisticated and stylish and should be taken seriously.

Gucci 2011-2012

Sporty. This is where fashion and function meet. A great pair of well made sports glasses are necessary for the athlete. They communicate that you are in your element and prepared for your sport of choice. You take care of yourself in all ways.

Oakley 2011

There is something for everyone’s taste this season and it is important you know what frames look best on your face shape.

If you have a round face:  You need a frame that balances your curve with sharp lines.  A rectangle or square frame looks great on your face and will give your face definition.

If you have a square face:  You need to balance your face shape with round, curved frames that soften your strong features.

If you have an oval face: You have a well-balanced face shape and you can wear almost any style.

If you have a heart shaped face:  You tend to have higher cheekbones and a narrow chin. Frames that have color accents on the top of the frame will balance your features. Cat-eye styles look fabulous on you.

All frames used in face shape section: PRADA 2011. Thanks to style.masheekcouture.com and fashioncraz.com.

Enjoy your summer, be safe and stylish.



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Good Morning Fashionistas:

I have decided that after months of  inconsistent blogging that I am going to commit to starting off your week with a Cup of Fashion every Monday morning. This cup will be  filled with great tips,  deals and expert advice on how to feel and look fabulous ALL WEEK!

In this weeks cup of fashion :


  • 54% believe dressing up has no effect on your productivity
  • 41% believe it makes you more productive                   According to a survey by National Seminars Training  Group.

As an image consultant and stylist I can tell you that my market research proves that when you dress they way YOU want people to perceive you, you stand a much greater chance of getting noticed for the right reasons.  You stand a better chance of getting promoted because your non-verbal communication is saying “I’m ready to move upward.”  Take pride in who you are, what you know and how hard you work to showcase your talents.   I understand that  “life” can throw you  off course and can have an effect on how you pull your look together each day.  You are busy getting the kids ready, making breakfast, feeding the animals, and picking up after everyone, when is there time for YOU? When is there time to prepare yourself for your day to be filled with  productivity, great energy and fulfillment?   Here are a few tips to remind YOU to take the time you deserve .

1) Set your alarm early and give yourself  TIME ! Time is the KEY, stop rushing to put you last! You deserve ME time in the morning.  When you wake up early to pause and prepare,  the rest of the day will thank you.

2) Have a glass of water (before your coffee). You need it for hydration and it’s a great way to wake up.

Based on more than twenty years of clinical and scientific research into the role of health benefit of water for the body, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj MD, a pioneering physician and acclaimed author, shows how water – yes WATER!can relieve a stunning range of medical conditions. Simply adjusting your fluid and salt intakes can help you treat and prevent dozens of diseases, avoid costly prescriptions drugs, and enjoy vibrant new health.

3) Have your outfit laid out the night before to save you time in the morning.  When choosing your outfit select a look that fits and flatters your shape and makes you feel GOOD!

Adrianna Papell Lace Shift Dress, MyPerfectSale.com $138.00

4) Make sure you choose shoes that look good and are appropriate for the workplace. Shoes do tell a story, make sure you are telling the one you intend to tell.

Circa by Joan & David, Light Brown Reptile – MyPerfectSale.com

Michael Kors Jet Set Berkley $68.00 MyPerfectSale.com

5) Carry a great handbag that pulls your summer look together. Great accessories make the woman!

Bags by Michael by Michael Kors  $158.40 – MY PERFECT SALE.com ON SALE!

6) Be the role model you are for YOU, your family and your employer. Go be the BEST YOU  TODAY and ENJOY ITS REWARDS!

Have a great week, see you next MONDAY!

Yours in Style,


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