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This fashion blog post was inspired by one of my favorite fashion show songs with a title very pertinent for this season.

I am reminded EVERY time I am in a woman’s closet that the garments women most often migrate to are plain, safe, neutral  and shall I say it,  BORING.  These styles may also have a peculiar way of multiplying in your closet.  They multiply not because they like each other but because you will buy two or three of the same item if its FITS!  Whhhhaaaaatttttttt?  It’s a closet full of camouflage, a closet that says, I don’t want to be noticed.   Your personality, your shape, your personal beauty needs to SHINE every day and it is EASIER than you THINK.  Say no to the plain, solid  looks you think you like – it is time to experiment! 

Here are a few easy fashion tips to get you out of your closet camouflaging habits:

  1. STOP buying multiples!  This is a great rule of thumb when buying pants. If you find a great pair of pants that fit and flatter you today, you may choose to buy them in a few basic colors.  This is especially helpful if you have a corporate career. It gives you a solid foundation.  DO NOT BUY MULTIPLES IN TOPS. Having a variety of styles to top of your wardrobe, allow you to create different looks you love!
  2. Choose more COLOR!  If you wear blue and you receive compliments – BUY MORE BLUE!  Buying color is an easy way to instantly boost your look.
  3. CHOOSE PATTERNS and PRINTS – Incorporate more floral and stripes into your wardrobe. Watch for figure flattering details on the tops to ensure you always fit and flatter your shape.  Also, buy textured belts. An animal print belt around the waist can help you to POP those PLAIN Jane tops in your closet.
  4. Purchase a pair of PRINTED SHOES – another way to add some personality to your wardrobe this season. Pair these great shoes with a solid dress and you will feel that extra kick in your step.  

Check out great sites like http://www.zappos.com, they just don’t sell shoes.  I  love this colorful and  feminine top, great with jeans or white pants.

Trina Turk Raissa Sleeveless Top –

or, this cool TED BAKER  Gabii Printed Oversize Top, looks great with a narrow pant and a platform sandal.

Commit to the PRINT! 

Yours in Style,



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