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Fashion swapping is sweeping the nation, offering women a fun opportunity to swap the items you don’t wear from your closets for items that YOU will WEAR! You know the items that I am talking about, the items you ALL have consuming too much space in your closets right NOW, the items that you purchased on an impulse, the ones that don’t flatter you today and the ones you simply don’t like anymore. Imagine taking these stylish and very gently used accessories, shoes, and clothing that you currently don’t wear and exchanging them for items that you will LOVE and will WEAR. This can all be a dream come true when you hold your very own Fashion Swapping Event with friends. Try it, your friends will LOVE you for coordinating this unique girls night out.

Here is ALL that you need to know when planning your swap. Plan your swap with friends who you know have a closet full of clothes and complain that they having NOTHING to wear, these are the friends who will most enjoy this experience. I know ladies, this speaks to most of us. Limit the amount of items that your attendees can bring to keep things more manageable especially for your first one. You might even recommend that your friends bring accessories handbags, jewelry, scarves etc. Accessories are not limiting by size and fit EVERYONE! Once your guests arrive with their merchandise you will organize the swapping items by category. for example an accessory table, a rack for tops and bottoms etc. You may also want to categorize by price point, I like to set up my swap organizing the goods into three categories of price, Chic (cheap), Moderate (middle) and Couture. This way, if someone brings a pair of Gucci sunglasses, it will be categorized in the couture category. This woman would then choose something of equal or higher value. This encourages some women to swap some of those investment pieces that they no longer wear. These women can feel good knowing that in exchange, they can choose from a selection of equal or higher price points. Each category is color coded, for example, Chic, (yellow), Moderate, (green) Couture (pink). This way when your friend comes with three items that would go into the moderate grouping, she would get her name put into the hat three times on green paper. Names are then drawn one by one for the women to come up to select from the respective categories.

You might even be motivated to organize a community fashion swap and open the swapping doors to many more women in your community. It can also be an opportunity to request a small donation of $5.00 to participate that can go directly to a womens’ shelter in the community or another charity of choice.

ENJOY – its good for YOU, good for others and GREAT for the environment, you are recycling and your wardrobe is reaping the benefits!

Yours in style,


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