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As a professional, I help women de-clutter and clean a very sacred space in their home, their CLOSET.  What I find most interesting is the emotional attachment to clothing.  Now, I love and appreciate clothing as much as the next woman but there comes a point where it can all become too much and too stressful.  You know the feeling, when you truly can’t make a quick “what to wear” decision anymore.  I loved reading this months O magazine that shows even OPRAH finds it necessary to purge and clean.  It is truly a stress relieving activity.   You know that feeling, even when you organize the junk drawer in the kitchen, it feels so good to re-gain that sense of order. 

Whenever possible I welcome the opportunity to share my message of  celebrating who you are TODAY, your current body and lifestyle. Everyone deserves to look their personal best beginning NOW. You begin this process by eliminating the excess in your closet. Getting dressed every morning should be fun and exciting, it sets the tone of energy for the day.  This months cover of Oprah isn’t a new message but a gentle reminder.  Do yourself a favor, take the time to re-gain control.  Your closet is a wonderful space to begin this self-fulfilling task.  When you start  to clean your closet,  begin with getting rid of the obvious, you know those items that you HAVEN’T worn in a year or more. Please note, that it IS OK TO LET THEM GO, REGARDLESS of a memory or how much you once paid.  Donate these items and allow someone else to enjoy their beauty and to create their own memories. What a wonderful and generous gesture, suddenly letting go, doesn’t seem so difficult.  Once the first phase of elimination is complete you can begin truly looking at the rest of the items in your closet. Ask yourself, how do I feel when I wear these clothes? Do I feel confident, does this shirt, or jacket, or pair of pants flatter my shape right NOW?  If you answer no, eliminate it, donate it, send it to the tailor for alteration or discard altogether, depending on how it looks.  This process will show you how to begin building a closet full of clothes you LOVE.  Once you begin consciously becoming aware of your positive features, you will be taking the first step towards building a higher level of self-esteem and self-respect.  Before you know it, other good habits start to become a reality, you begin making better food choices and you may even begin exercising. You start LOVING your look and it only gets better from here!



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