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What is on your mind this month? Most likely, you are consciously reviewing what you eat, how much you exercise and how you look.  The start of a new year, and a new DECADE, brings with it a renewed mindset of  self-improvement, self-enhancement and self – acceptance.  I have heard 2010 referred to as the decade of the individualist!  My interpretation of this statement reminds me of the airplane analogy.  When the oxygen mask is released,  take care of yourself first. In daily life  be happy, feel confident,  BE YOUR BEST SELF every day and everyone around you will benefit and become better themselves. You will inspire and motivate, respect yourself first and the respect of others will naturally follow.  I ask you, reading this blog to look in the mirror today and smile! Select a feature or features about yourself that you LOVE (and you should LOVE several) focus on the positive and accept your natural beauty TODAY!  Congratulations, you have now begun the process of  embracing self-respect.  There is ONLY ONE OF YOU! Accept, be proud and OWN every bit of who you are inside and out. It is the only way to become the person you want to become.  Now, lets talk about STYLE and how to present your best self ! My personal favorite part of this process !

I want you all to also recognize that having GREAT STYLE doesn’t have to cost alot of money. Here are a few tips on how to begin styling your body and instantly feeling more confident.

  • Begin choosing color when looking a buying new tops and jackets. We can all relate to a time when we have received compliments based on the color we chose to wear that day.  If you LOVE your eyes, start selecting tops that flatter the color of your eyes, it adds an instant boost to your outfit.


  • Buy clothing that fits and flatters and isnt boxy in shape.  Choose styles of clothing that frame the body – that create an hourglass figure, regardless of your current shape. Buying clothing that is too big only makes you look bigger. STOP HIDING!


  • Take pride in yourself when you get dressed every morning. Wear those jeans that you feel great in, add an accessory that polishes your casual outfit, add a fun purse and feel good about who you ARE, YOU DESERVE TO !


Savers, a chain of thrift stores! They are a national chain with stores across the U.S. and Canada. They offer an amazing assortment of quality clothing at an AMAZING PRICE.  I admire and respect the neat and orderly conditions of the store, the friendly staff and the ENDLESS SELECTION of designer merchandise!  They also partner with charitable organizations across the country. It is truly a fashion treasure hunt. If you want to begin re-inventing your look or you simply want to add some new, fun and flattering pieces to your wardrobe, make this a new weekly habit! Stop in to your local Savers and see what is in store for you.  I recently spoke to a customer who shopped in the newest store in Orange, CT. She came back twice in one day and said the shopping experience at Savers was better than you know what ? HA

Here are some pictures that I took visiting the new store in Orange. You can see, I had a blast building outfits and dressing the shoppers.   HAPPY SHOPPING !



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The month of January oftens sparks the thought of re-invention and self-improvement. In fashion, it’s also a time to see what the designers have in store for us for the Spring. It’s a time when we often loose the layers and expose more of our body, hence another motivator to get healthy and in shape!

 Spring 2010, I’m calling the season of the LEG and SHOULDER!

Designers are showing interesting cutting designs and exposing lots of shoulder. In tops, this is a wonderful way to dress up a pair of dark denim, black pants, shorter shirts and for shoes: shoe boots or heels.   Wear these sexy tops out with friends, to an event or to dinner with your husband. 

GET SHOULDER READY with this exercise from Carolyn: There are actually three parts of the shoulder (deltoids), the front, the side and the rear of the shoulder. One exercise that you want to incorporate into your routine in order to hit all these shoulder muscles and get sexy toned and ready to be revealed shoulders is called a shoulder press.  This exercise can easily be performed at home or your gym, and is many times found in a lot of group fitness classes(ask your instructor to include in your routine).  You will need to purchase dumbbells for home.  The weight should be something that will allow you to be able to accomplish 12 repetitions for each exercise. 5-8 pounds is a good suggested starting weight for most women. You should do 2-3 sets of twelve repetitions.  Once you are able to push out more than 12 repetitions, you should increase weight.  This exercise should not be done more than 2-3 times weekly.

Hemlines are coming up ladies ! Boy shorts, hot pants and dresses with high slits scream, sporty and sexy!  Balance out this legginess by wearing them back with sporty jackets and flowy, embellished tops and substantial footwear like ankle boots or a heavier heeled shoe.

GET THOSE LEGS in TIP TOP SHAPE with this exercise from Carolyn: I love plie squats for an overall leg work out. This exercise will get the inner and outer thigh as well as you front of the legs(quadriceps) and back of the legs(hamstrings).  Perform this with weights resting on your legs.  I would suggest 12-20 repetitions and 2-3 sets done with weight that will challenge you.  A typical starting weight would be 8-12 pounds. 2-3 times a week is also suggested.

Stay tuned for more top Spring Trend Updates………………..

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