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Fashion Eyewear is a fun way to infuse great style into your daily look.  For many of us, we are required to wear glasses daily as a result of our eyesight.  Many fashionistas also wear stylish frames just to have the “look” that frames create.  Top designers have changed the way we see eyewear, creating frames that offer great color and pattern.  Your glasses are an extension of your personality and lifestyle!  There are a few important things to consider when selecting your stylish eyewear.

1) Compliment your face shape with the right style frame. Choose a frame that balances the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, choose a frame that is more square in shape.

2) Choose a style of frame that compliments your skin tone, eye color and scale of face. If you are petite for example, you want to consider a frame that isn’t to thick and overpowering.  A frame should flatter, not hide. 

3) Consider the look that you like and are naturally drawn to. Do you prefer a frame that stands out, that is more bold or a frame that is subtle and disappears?  There are many choices available.  For many of you, the ability to buy into a brand like Prada, Gucci, Coach even David Yurman is now a reality. These high-end designers all have eyewear collections that are much more affordable than their higher priced accessories.  It is a fun way to  experience the luxury of wearing designer brands.  

Embrace the trends and the many styles available today in eyewear.  Changing your eyewear can change your look. You might consider several pairs of glasses to create several looks for your lifestyle and your wardrobe.   Choose a more conservative look for your daytime dress for the office and a pair of bold frames with color and/or a pattern for the weekend.  You will find that you love the ability to create these different looks depending on your outfit choice and/or mood for the day. Having several pairs of eyewear is fast becoming as common as having multiple necklaces to choose from when accessorizing your outfits.

 Take care of your eye health, get routine checkups and dress your eyes daily with a stylish pair of glasses!

If you are interested in a personal SPECS APPEAL consultation when choosing your next pair of eyewear contact me through http://www.harveyandlewis.com and schedule your personal appointment with me. It’s free and I guarantee that you will LOVE the look we create!


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