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Detox Your Closet…..

Spring is a time for renewel, rebirth.
CELEBRATE this new life….LIVE IN THE NOW…..
Present YOUR Personal BEST EVERY DAY…………

Start this process with organizing your closet – re assess your style…….start spring with a renewed confidence in your appearance, take pride in yourself.

1) Clean out winter clothes- bring your spring clothing front and center.
2) Try on your spring clothes, get rid of anything you dont LOVE.. Catagorize in piles, keep, donate and tailor.
3) Make sure you keep clothing that you love, that represents your life TODAY, and clothing that flatters you.
4) Throw away any mismatched hangers. Wire hangers from the dry cleaners are hard on your clothing. Take Care of what you own and your closet will begin looking like your own personal boutique.
5) Look at magazines, emulate the styles you admire.Learn what styles flatter your figure.  Begin adding the pieces to your closet that make you smile. You will feel more CONFIDENT, you’ll have more energy and you will be more successful in your day to day life.


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